XCAL-EZMO is an innovative MOS testing solution that can minimize the load on the Host PC by performing MOS calculation in it. It has 6 ports and each port comes with its own individual sound control, allowing independent standard-based voice quality (MOS) testing that can be used for both mobile-to-mobile or mobile-to-landline test scenarios. The unique feature of this tool is that any phone that supports Bluetooth, can be used for voice quality analysis ? proving that high quality, scalable and robust network benchmarking tools need not cost the earth.


ㆍCompact Size
ㆍSupport independent MOS test per UE
ㆍSupport benchmarking test to measure and compare KPIs up to 6 UEs


ㆍMouth to Ear delay measurement
ㆍMCPTT and MOS measurement
ㆍSupport CS, PS, VoIP, VoLTE call test
ㆍDiagnosis of network issues : Call Drop, Setup Fail, Throughput degradation
ㆍSupport various QoS Algorithm : PESQ, POLQA(V2, V3)
ㆍUE control by Bluetooth