XCAP is a powerful and highly configurable analysis solution that allows you to mine, analyze and report data gathered in XCAL. Available as both a stand-alone platform and an enterprise-grade client-server solution, it supports all wireless standards and major 3rd party data formats. XCAP minimizes OPEX by automating the whole network post-processing and troubleshooting workflow. Because it’s designed by engineers for engineers, it comes loaded with a comprehensive list of standard-specific KPIs, is easy to use, configure and maintain and is continually evolved to capture user feedback and major feature upgrades. Together with XCAL, XCAP offers unparalleled sophistication and simplicity in improving your network performance.


ㆍEfficient analytics by providing DM logs in various types of result data
ㅤㅤ: Comparison analysis by mobile/network/technology
ㅤㅤ: Visualize service and network-level performance geospatially
ㅤㅤ: Display GPS information
ㅤㅤ: Trend analysis and complex statistical analysis


ㆍAnalyze collected information
ㅤㅤ: Analyze and Diagnose data collected in real time such as RF environment
ㆍCall performance analytics
ㅤㅤ: Displays wireless environment values ??in graphs, maps, tables, and statistics
ㅤㅤ: Easy to analyze the radio wave section by comparing data such as graphs, maps, tables, and app status based on time
ㆍIn-building analytics
ㅤㅤ: Display and analyze wireless environment measurement values ??by time/section in buildings
ㆍCheck Logging/packet message
ㅤㅤ: All messages from the chipset can be checked.
ㅤㅤ: L1, L2, L3(RCC/NAS), TCP/IP, etc.
ㆍMain tree function
ㅤㅤ: Provide Graph, Map, Table, CDF/PDF
ㆍConvenience function
ㅤㅤ: Export CSV file
ㅤㅤ: Data Sync function