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Note on Collection and Use of Personal information

Items and Method for Collection of Personal Information
The Report Filing Center collects personal information to the minimal extent necessary to handle a report properly.
- - Items for Information Collection: Name, E-mail address, Cellular Phone No.
If a reporter doesn’t want to disclose his or her identity, he or she can choose ‘anonymous’ in the name column.
However, in case of a ‘anonymous’ report, a part of handling including filing confirmation, reward for report, etc. may be limited.

Purpose of Personal Information Collection & Use
The collection and use of information is to communicate for additional inquiries when necessary, and reply for report filing, reward for
reporting, etc. in our handling process.

Handling and Retention Period of Personal Information
The personal information obtained through the Report Filing Center system will be retained for one year, in principle, after the process of
concerned report is completed; however, it may be exceptional when necessary to retain longer for cases such as a rewarded case, etc.

※ You may disagree with the above. However, please note that ‘Disagree’ may limit our work process.

※ For further details, please refer to our Personal Information Policy on our home page. (Korean only)