CEO Message

The future of seamless communication and empathy!

Innowireless was founded in September 2000 under the principle to improve the quality and value of life by providing liberal and convenient telecommunications that connect people to people. Innowireless has been committed to its R&D activities to create a better mobile telecommunications environment since its establishment and the creative planning and aggressive R&D investment have served as the driving force that produced top competitive technology.

Honorable shareholders and customers, the future telecommunications technology and environment will bring more significant changes in your lives with faster and more diverse developments. Also, these dramatic changes will present opportunities and challenges to our company. Innowireless will remain unwavering amidst the changes in the business environment and prepare for the unpredictable future by creating growth opportunities.

A world that is more prosperous than today! A world where people live together in harmony! A world with state-of-the-art networks allowing seamless communication! Today is the future when you are with Innowireless.Please give us your continuous interest and generous support.

Thank you.

CEO/ President