XCAL-MO III is an efficient benchmarking solution interfacing not only with 30 mobile phones simultaneously by parallel connection but also with scanners of various brands, which enables user to test true end-user network experience in the real fields. Also, it is scalable tool by connecting multiple XCAL-MO IIIs. It’s an excellent solution to reduce overall cost with flexibility and portability.


ㆍSupport various wireless communication test including 5G NR
ㆍSupport up to 30 UE simultaneously
ㆍOptimized for Field Test and Benchmarking Test
ㆍScalable in Cascade form(2X) (up to 60 UEs)


ㆍInterface with various devices
: Smartphone (up to 12), USB Modem (2), GPS (1), Scanner (2)
ㆍSupport independent OS per Slot(6 port each)
ㆍMeasure various application including Layer 1, 2, 3
ㆍQoE (Quality of Experience) Measurement
ㆍSupport Autocall and MOS Test
ㆍDisplay Voice/Data quality test result and RF information in real-time
ㆍDevice control and sound source transmission by Bluetooth cable