XCAL-Ranger is an ideal solution for unattended automatic measurement with a specific smart phone and H/W in a transparent robust box. Therefore it can be deployed flexibly at a remote site for large wide-scale measurement. It can also be part of test solution in XCAL-Manager platform which allows to be controlled remotely and store the log file data to the server.


ㆍ24/7 measurement
ㆍReduce test costs and human error in manual testing
ㆍContinuous data collection
ㆍEnhanced and wider coverage network testing


ㆍAuto recovery feature when error occurs
ㆍDevice Status Report
ㆍAutocall Test
ㅤㅤ: Voice, VoLTE, FTP, HTTP, Youtube, etc.
ㆍUser defined Pre-schedule function
ㆍLog File Management
ㅤㅤ: Log files in XCAL-Ranger can be deleted automatically after time configured by log file auto delete feature