Innowireless Co., Ltd. (“Company”) create values for various stakeholders such as members, customers, shareholders, business partners and society under management philosophy of 「Company respecting humans」and 「Company earning customer loyalty and love」. Company will pay a key role in the development of the country and socio-economic and will contribute to the happiness of mankind. Additionally, Company will comply with all relevant laws and regulations and strive to become a good corporate citizen. This commitment is embodied in this Code of Ethics, which is the foundation of Company’s compliance management.

Chapter 1 Responsibilities and Obligations to customers

  1. We will always listen to customers’ opinions for customer satisfaction, provide the best quality and services, and regard customers as the top priority in making all management decisions and taking actions.
  2. We will quickly and correctly respond to complaints from customers.
  3. We will not disclose information related to customers without customers’ prior consents to others or use such information for other purposes.
  4. We will not conduct acts that harm customers’ interest such as entering into unreasonably unfair contracts with customers.

Chapter 2 Fair Competition and Transactions

  1. We will respect principles and systems of the free-market competition and compete in good faith within or out of the country.
  2. We will not harm interests of competing companies or abuse their weakness.
  3. We will not harm the fair free-market system.
  4. All transactions shall be transparent and fair transactions and we will not do any wrongful act that uses a superior position.
  5. Officers & Employees (“Employees”) are to comply positive laws and to act in accordance with the society’s morale and ethical values.

Chapter 3 Respecting shareholders and investors

  1. We will realize sound profits by ethical management for economic reward of shareholders.
  2. Employees shall not pursue their own personal interest using Company’s internal information but make efforts to provide management information to shareholders, investors, customers and other stakeholders in an effective and timely manner.
  3. We will disclose Company information transparently in accordance with the prescribed laws and regulations in order to maintain mutual trust relationship with the shareholders. Also, we will process and report the accounting data in accordance with the laws and regulations.

Chapter 4 Responsibilities and Obligations to the Country and Society

  1. We contribute to country development by creating jobs and paying taxes faithfully and fulfill company’s social responsibilities such as voluntary social work, disaster relief and social enlightenment.
  2. We will strive to develop technologies to prevent environmental pollution and comply all laws and regulations related to environmental protection.
  3. The Company will respect and comply with all applicable laws, accounting principles and transaction practices in all areas where the Company runs business.
  4. The Company will not engage in politics and will not allow any political activities within the Company.

Chapter 5 Responsibilities and Obligations for Officers and Employees

  1. We respect the dignity of each Employee’s personality.
  2. The Company will provoke motivation for work achievement of Employees through fair evaluation and compensation for abilities and performance of Employees and will support actively cultivation of autonomous and creative talents.
  3. The Company will provide equal opportunities for Employees to improve their abilities and will not discriminate based on gender, religion, age, physical condition, place of birth, educational background and etc.
  4. The Company will create an atmosphere in which officers and employees may express freely their suggestions or claims and will establish the necessary systems for that.
  5. The Company will establish a smooth and efficient internal communication system in order to provide necessary information to Employees in a timely manner.

Chapter 6 Responsibilities and Duties of Officers and Employees

  1. Basic Ethics
    ① Employees shall have a sense of ownership that they represent the company and strive to always maintain an honest and sincere attitude.
    ② Employees shall always strive to maintain personal dignity and the honor of the Company with high ethical values and shall not commit immoral or unethical acts.
    ③ Employees shall acknowledge of the given authority and responsibility, perform their duties in a just manner, and be aware of and comply with all social laws and Company regulations related to their work.
    ④ Employees shall faithfully carry out their duties by making the best decision within their authority given in accordance with the Company's management policy and shall be responsible for the results
    ⑤ Employees shall not divulge the Company's information acquired during the performance of their duties without the Company’s consent and shall not embezzle or misappropriate the Company's assets.

  2. Honest and Fair Work Performance
    ① Employees shall perform all duties fairly in accordance with Company's policies and regulations.
    ② Employees shall not receive any money, valuables, gifts, or entertainment provided by Company’s business partners and stakeholders.
    ③ Employees shall immediately report the work they perform in accordance with the procedures if such work violates any laws and regulations.

  3. Mutual Ethics among Employees
    ① In principle, Employees are prohibited from lending money, joint guarantees, and mutual guarantees each other.
    ② Employees shall not commit unfair solicitation or provide or receive economic benefits such as money, valuables or entertainment in exchange for solicitation among Employees.
    ③ In principle, it is prohibited to provide each other with money, valuables or gifts except for voluntary mutual assistance or gift receipt within the scope of social norms.
    ④ A superior may not give an unfair work order in violation of laws and company regulations to a subordinate, and the Employee who receives such an order may refuse to do so and shall not be subject to any unfair disadvantage.

  4. Self-development
    ① An Employee shall strive for self-development to become a talented person who can lead the Company.
    ② Company will provide equal opportunities for training to all Employees so that they can make right decisions and act autonomously.

  5. Sound Organizational Culture
    ① Employees shall respect each other and maintain basic etiquette necessary for work life.
    ② Employees shall not slander or defame against other Employees, by such as disrespectful words and actions.
    ③ Employees shall not commit any physical or verbal behavior that causes sexual humiliation under social norms.
    ④ Employees shall be prohibited from speculative/gambling behavior in the workplace.

  6. Chapter 7 Compliance with the Code of Ethics

    1. All employees shall faithfully comply with the Code of Ethics and are subject to appropriate disciplinary action in case of violation.
    2. If an Employee is forced or aware of an act that violates this Code of Ethics, the Employee shall report in accordance with the internal reporting procedure, and the department in charge of such report shall consult and take measures in accordance with the Company procedure.