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[RCR Wireless News] Accuver applauds EchoStar’s success in fulfilling FCC’s 5G buildout commitments for the Boost Mobile Network 2024.06.05
[etnews] The opening of D2D satellite communication…The market for testing and measuring equipment will also grow 2024.05.17
[etnews] Innowireless Shines at MWC2024: Strengthening Global Partnerships and Showcasing Innovation 2024.03.12
[etnews] Innowireless enhances smartphone test solution with Onysoft’s smartphone application testing solution 2024.02.16
[etnews] Innowireless to showcase 5G network testing solutions at MWC Barcelona 2024 2024.02.16
[etnews] Innowireless expands its portfolio by acquiring Wayties, a distinguished specialist in V2X technology 2024.01.12
[etnews] Innowireless Enters the Automotive Semiconductor Market by acquiring MS LIFIX 2024.01.02
[etnews] Innowireless Enters the Automotive Semiconductor Market... Business Diversification 2023.12.22
[etnews] Innowireless ‘Qucell Networks’, Launched One-Stop Total Solution for Private 5G 2023.12.12
[etnews] Kwak Youngsoo, CEO of Innowireless, "Small Cell will enter the U.S. next year.. Expectations for benefits from the Infrastructure Law" 2023.10.23