Title Regist date
Kwak Young-soo, CEO of Innowireless, "Small Cell will enter the U.S. next year.. Expectations for benefits from the Infrastructure Law" 2023.10.23
Innowireless Introduces UAM Network Solution at World Smart City Expo 2023.09.12
Innowireless attended National Assembly MWC2023 2023.06.30
"Preemption of 6G technology" … Launched a joint 6G forum between the public and private sectors 2023.06.15
Innowireless, Accuver and Qucell networks showcased the latest 5G network testing solution at MWC23 2023.03.15
Innowireless participates in global PlugFest to verify open RAN equipment 2023.01.06
Innowireless joined the O-RAN ALLIANCE Global PlugFest Fall 2022 2022.12.14
Mr. Ohkeol Kwon, Head of Server Development Division, was awarded Minister's commendation from MSIT at Mobile Korea 2022 2022.11.22
Qucell Networks Company Introduction video 2022.11.15
2022 Global Sales & Engineering Meeting 2022.11.08