QEMS (Qucell EMS)

QEMS manages QUCELL Small Cells that fits all customer needs. It has easy and flexible web interface for monitoring and management of Small Cells. It allows operators to simplify Small Cell management in real time. With Performance Management (PM), Fault Management (FM) and Configuration Management (CM), it makes easy installation and CAPAX OPEX savings.


ㆍIntuitive interface for monitoring, managing small cells
ㆍBig data analytics through Large scale Data logging
ㆍEasy management of configuration parameters
ㆍComprehensive auditing through KPI tracking
ㆍCapacity scalability to meet customer requirements
ㆍIntuitive configuration using various charts and graphs


ㆍTR-069 Interface
ㆍTR-181/TR-196 Data model
ㆍCM/FM/PM function
ㆍFirmware and Security management
ㆍUser interface based on the latest web technology