AEGIS is an End-to-End total solution that collects signal and data traffic from mobile network for 4G/5G(NSA/SA) in real-time to provide user call-based monitoring/analyze/statistics. By collecting real-time information from a various network interfaces (e.g. S1-MME, S11, S6a, S1U, etc.), AEGIS filters, correlates, assembles and structures the data to provide and inspect your network performance.


ㆍ3G/4G/5G Core Network Big data measurement/analytics
ㆍMeasure Signal and Data of main system(based on IMSI)
ㆍProvide an integrated solution for measurement monitoring and statistical analytics down to the cell level
ㆍTime Synchronization of all systems by using GPS


ㆍProvide auto recovery feature when error occurs
ㆍProvide data that compares the number of 5G service experienced customers and traffic usage by access NW
ㆍProvide a function to compare the traffic ratio for each access network type (gNB, eNB) of 5G customers
ㆍProvide a function to compare the number of customers by 5G phone
ㆍProvide a function to compare heavy user traffic share and gNB / eNB traffic ratio