XCAT-SmartShield transmits a reference signal through probe antennas. It measures RSRP in a field MIMO environment to allow 1 to 1 connection between BS Tx and UE Rx antenna with physical RF cable connection in a lab area. However some of the recent UE device do not have externally figured antenna connector and unable to open the back cover. XCAT-SmartShield ease this hassle with providing virtual 1 to 1 wireless connection between BS and UE.


ㆍAccurate measurement without external interference with excellent shielding performance
ㆍMinimize OTA (Over the Air) connection loss by applying near-field coupling method
ㆍReliable MIMO testing with reduced cross-talk between antenna ports (with XCAT-MAIS)
ㆍEasy smartphone installation and minimal change in characteristics due to installation
ㆍBuilt-in MOS test module


ㆍSupport Sub6 and mmWave (up to 40GHz)
ㆍSmartphone Test without external antenna connector
ㆍNo interference from outside (Isolation > 60dB)
ㆍSupport long time 5G NR test