XCAL-MTS is designed for load and capacity testing with up to 40 UEs connectivity at the same time. MTS allows users to troubleshoot, analyze and benchmark wireless network environment. Its GUI capability enables to have various type of connections which is specialized for system verification. This innovative solution offers user friendly interface such as various type of graphs, filtering messages, visible audible alarm indication. It allows user to monitor and identify problems in real-time.


ㆍSupport various wireless communication test including 5G NR
ㆍSupport up to 30 UE benchmarking test simultaneously
ㆍScalable by Rack mount
ㆍControl multiple XCAL-MTS S/W via Test manager


ㆍLoad Capacity test with multiple UE
ㆍField Test simulation in LAB environment by interworking with XCAT-MAIS
ㆍMeasure various application including Layer 1, 2, 3
ㆍQoE (Quality of Experience) Measurement
ㆍSupport Autocall and MOS Test
ㆍDisplay Voice/Data quality test result and RF information in real-time