XCAT-IXA is specialized handheld 5G-NR spectrum analyzer integrated with cloud server which supports autonomous measurement. This solution offers and opportunity to reduce OPEX and CAPEX across the whole network lifecycle, from initial deployment to maintenance and upgrades, by saving up front equipment cost and staffing expense.


ㆍSeparate device for measurement and control
ㆍUser-friendly Interface
ㆍMinimize human error by automated measurement
ㆍUpload measurement result to cloud server and monitor it through Remote PC in real-time
ㆍOTA(Over the Air) measurement
ㆍPCI scan of neighbor cell


ㆍSignal Analysis : 5G, LTE, WCDMA
ㆍ5G NR Reverse Noise (UL Interface) detection
ㆍOTA PCI Scan : 5G, LTE
ㆍAutonomous measurement of base station : 5G NR, LTE, WCDMA
ㆍInterworking with cloud server (optional)