XCAP-Cloud is collaborative Analysis Solution that can statistically analyze vast amounts of data in various types by implementing the function of the XCAP PC version on the server, multiple users can share detailed analytics data.


ㆍDrill-Down Chart/Report
ㆍReduce analysis time with high-speed/large-volume processing platform(XDB)
ㆍSupport simultaneous inquiry and analysis of multiple data collection sections
ㆍCheck Parameters in various form type (Chart, Graph, etc.)


ㆍCustom Statistical analytics
ㅤㅤ: Support for custom query UI and SQL editing function
ㆍDetailed analytics per model unit
ㅤㅤ: Automatic analytics of measurement data and report generation
ㅤㅤ: Cloud system-based data analytics
ㅤㅤ: Log file analytics in connection with the server products such as XCAL-Auto/RO
ㅤㅤ: Map, Table, Graph, Chart analytics same as PC version
ㅤㅤ: Pie, Bar, Line, Map chart and Excel table report function
ㅤㅤ: Create a report according to the template set by the user
ㆍWeb based Packet viewer
ㅤㅤ: Packet decode and analytics function
ㅤㅤ: Support Flow graph
ㅤㅤ: Support DRX/DRM file parsing