XCAL-RO is a server-based measurement and analytics solution that can manage the entire test process through the server, from test progress to report generation. It provides remote measurement equipment management, test condition setup, failure cause analytics, and automatic issuance of opening approval report for single base station test and cluster acceptance test.


ㆍServer-based Test control monitoring
ㅤㅤ: Cost Time effectiveness, Minimize test error, Test conducting by non-experts, Time save by providing auto test result and report
ㆍMinimize time of report creation by uploading measurement result in real-time


ㆍPerform various voice data service tests
ㆍOffer drive route GPS and real-time monitoring by using smart phones
ㆍMonitor network KPIs, RF Parameters and Layer 3 messages in real-time
ㆍProvides automatic cause analytics function for problem points
ㆍSignaling packet message detailed analytics based on Web
ㆍProvide statistics data