XCAL-Manager is a server-based automated measurement and analysis solution to provide fully systematic and non-stop remote control, real-time monitoring, and measurement result analysis. It is an optimization solution that can measure without any limitation of time and place, be provided with fully automated system via centralized server as it does not require any standing-by engineers anymore. XCAL-Manager maximizes measurement efficiency with minimized cost.
In addition, it can be used for various measurement and analysis (base station capacity measurement, beamforming performance measurement, Handover performance, etc.) necessary for 5G network performance measurement.


ㆍControl XCAL Field solution remotely and monitor real-time status and RF information
ㆍCheck and Stabilize the base station performance through various types of Load tests
ㆍSave time cost for log analysis by classifying massive volume of log files according to test purpose


ㆍCentralized Management
ㅤㅤ: Share test scenario and settings
ㅤㅤ: Alarm function when error occurs
ㆍReal-time Monitoring
ㅤㅤ: Check the location and RF information of test UE on the map
ㅤㅤ: Check field environment in real-time by various KPIs
ㆍAutonomous Measurement
ㅤㅤ: Perform Automated measurement via schedule setup
ㅤㅤ: Manage measurement condition via automatic measurement termination option
ㅤㅤ: Easy Field Test with Drive route function
ㆍStatistics Analysis
ㅤㅤ: Check measurement result in real-time
ㅤㅤ: Provide automatic statistics via customer setup
ㅤㅤ: Outdoor Indoor Analytics