XCAL-Solo is a handheld air interface measurement Solution for QoS, QoE test without any limitation by attaching portable H/W to Smartphone to cover wide range application testing, including Audio MOS measurement, network measurement and data on the smartphone in real-time. XCAL-Solo also supports creating and editing measurement scenario and various auto call tests (Voice, VoLTE, FTP, Web, E-Mail, iPerf, Ping, YouTube, Multi-Call, Multi-RAB, Multi-Session, UDP (*only IoT) with user friendly touch interface from Android OS GUI.


ㆍUltralight(100g) handy solution
ㆍMonitor measured data through smartphone display in real-time
ㆍAuto screen capture function for reporting the issue
ㆍMOS measurement by POLQA algorithm
ㆍRemote control by XCAL-Manager (Log file management and remote control test)
ㆍDevice Rooting and Custom Kernel are not required


ㆍCollect RF information in real-time
ㆍAutocall setting
ㆍLogmask setting
ㆍAutocall test result history
ㆍLog File upload
ㆍIn-building measurement
ㆍGoogle map